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R&D 2395

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Alicia Kinomoto disse...

Hello, I’m Alicia Kinomoto.
I was following your blog as many others until Google disabled my account by mistake past April 26th. Now, when I try to restart follow you, Blogger sends me the legend:

“We're sorry, the site owner has blocked you from joining this site.
Sign in as a different user”

This is no truth, obviously, you can check my list of followed blogs in my profile:

If you want I keep following your blog, and if you have a bite of time, please, ask Google for rehabilitate me to follow you again. I put my question to Google here:

It’s a site in Spanish, but you can write in English to be made understand.

Next time, if you have a similar problem with Google, I will help you too. Thanks a lot from now.

Rubens®_Dhara disse...

No way the fact that you have been blocked in this blog come from us. We are very pleased to welcome all our followers. Thank you for warning us about the occurrence of this problem. We will contact Google to try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Greetings!Rubens® and Dhara

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